Unique water is a subsidiary company of ABM Water Manufacturing PLC that was found in 2016, our company aims at producing high quality bottled natural mineral water to Ethiopia and its surroundings.

We are using stainless steel machines that are fully hands-free and compliant with World and local standards. Our company is using latest machineries from China and India.

Our natural mineral water has unique and great mineral composition which is necessary for human body is created over years of slow filtration through the underground rocks of Sub Mountain. As our water travels to the source through layers of underground rocks, it becomes enriched with a unique blend of minerals and electrolytes giving Unique its distinctive, cool, crisp taste. Our teams work day and night to make sure the original purity and flawless quality are preserved.

Our production capacity:

  • 20 L: 600/Hr
  • 2 L: 2000/Hr
  • 1.5L: 10,000/Hr
  • 1 L: 10,000/Hr
  • 0.5L: 10,000/Hr


We aim at becoming the leading natural mineral water producers in Ethiopia and Africa. We have a strong vision of expanding regionally in the field of the beverage industry and developing a strong base of key customers both locally and around Africa. We are committed to providing world-class bottling solutions for the promotion of public health.


Our mission is to contribute toward a healthier society by providing safe, quality, and affordable bottled drinking water using latest technologies. We bring natural bottled mineral water, rich in minerals that benefit the body and increase vitality. We bring trust and mutual respect to all our relationships by continually improving the quality and process of our product. We focus on natural well-being and encourage a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly.

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